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Large product shot on location in The Netherlands and subsequent post productionDigital retouching, enhancement or “airbrushing” of images is commonplace today. And photo composition of a number of objects into a single image, the removal of unwanted backgrounds, retouching of blemishes and general overall image enhancement, is another of our specialities.

Such work is routine in our Premier Product Shots and Location Photography services, but we also undertake the enhancement of supplied images as a service.

In these days of smartphones and digital cameras, it’s common for company staff or representatives to shoot photographs on location for example.These are very rarely of a quality suitable for use in high calibre marketing, such as in support of an editorial PR story. But often, we can transform a seemingly “dreadful” low resolution jpeg original into an image that an Editor could accept for publication in a trade journal.

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Digital Imaging

The purpose of our Digital Imaging Service is to produce high quality, striking images that capture the essence, features and unique benefits of your products, for use in sales and marketing material.

Service options are listed below, but all studio sessions can be fully customised to suit your requirements.

Digital imaging and computer post production are now an integral part of our workflow

Where to next?

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